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This is Sven

About (or aboot...because Canada) Sven


So...this is me.

  • Typically bearded (although sometimes not)
  • Often shaggy (although sometimes not)
  • Fueled by a lethal combination of coffee, bourbon, whiskey, and asiago cheese
  • Requires adult supervision
  • Never to be left alone with open flames

I had a mild obsession with cameras for as long as I can remember. Ever since my mum gave me her old Agfa (which I promptly dismantled and thus learned the mechanics of how cameras operate) I was hooked. I bought my first functional camera for $0.50 at a garage sale when I was 12, and to this day I still own the damn thing (along with nearly every other camera I've had since then...I'm an admitted sentimentalist).

I also build, with my hands.